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Hi from Toronto

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Hey Guys, Just a quick hello from Toronto.

I'm an older gay DL (with some AB 'tendencies) looking to re-engage with the online community after being mostly off-line for a while.

I wear for fun, mostly at night, but also on weekends and on holiday and enjoy reading about others' experiences - especially those brave enough to go 24/7.

Beyond the fetish, I like to think I'm pretty well-rounded. I enjoy movies, theatre & music (Stephen Sondheim is a 'god') and always have a book or magazine on the go. Any other New Yorker fans out there?

Work can get nutty at times, which increasing limits my time - or more accurately my energy - for socializing either on line or in person. But I'm trying to be more consistent.

Cheers...../ Michael
Welcome diprguytoronto! Looks like it has been awhile. What was the last movie you saw?
Hey Michael, welcome back to ADISC. Older gay guy here from Columbus Ohio. I am a coffee fanatic and therefore love finding trendy coffee bars. Probably should live in Seattle if I could stand all the rain. How long have you been into diapers? I've been wearing regularly to bed since my mid-twenties, though I've been interested since I was a kid.

Hope to get to know you more.

Thanks Zipperless, I just saw Inside Out yesterday. Was fantastic!

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@Starrunner: A mix of fiction and non. Loved Richard Gwyn's bio of Sir John A.

@Little2Roo Thanks for the welcome. I've been obsessed with diapers since I as a kid. Started wearing on-and off in my late 20's (I was a late bloomer....)
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