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Hi from the Sky...Again!!

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Seeing as we are all doin re-intros i might as well jump on the baby bandwagon...

If you haven't already guessed, im really tall and enjoy diapers. I'm eighteen goin on nineteen in a few weeks. I guess that makes me am AB as im stepping out of TB...

i do enjoy some of the basic baby things, includin diapers, pacis, bottles, and the comfy sleeper during the cold, winter nights. I am currently in college, so it's kinda hard to keep pursuing my AB desires with a room mate, but im managing. Other hobbies include music, video games, and cars. I'm a big car buff and love to work on cars. I currently work at a Goodyear shop part time so if anyone has a car question just give me a buzz.

For all the "new" new people to this forum, this forum is awsome. The community is very kind and will welcome you with open arms...and hugs ;)
So to all the "new" people coming back, hi again! to all the really new people, welcome and enjoy the forums!!:)
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*wonders how tall you are, exactly...* :O

Good day, anyway. :)


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