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Hi from the midwest

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Hi everybody. I ahve been on here a couple of time but did not post an intro so here it goes. I'm a 21/m, from Nebraska. I have been wearing diapers since i was about the age of sixteen, don't really remember how I stumbled upon ppl wearing them but I did. I do remember the first time I bought a pair of depends, drove all the way to theother side of town to a wal mart at like 2 in the morning so nobody would know who I was. Man was that a scary feeling. Around when I was seventeen my mom found a worn, but un used one in my room under some clothes. Well they checked the computer history and put two and two together, and guess what they did? No surprise sent me to a therapist. She decided that i was using diapers and visiting the sites because of free time do to my parents recent seperation. the main worry was would it affect future relationships and make it harder for me. My parents believed i had stopped but four years later I'm still wearing. The name Sailor comes from the fact I spent two years active duty in the Navy and current reservist. I work as a welder, on the grave yard shift. I absolutly love riding my motorcycle. I own a 2006 650r Kawasaki Ninja that I'm turning into a streetfighter, for those who know what that means. but yeah nobody knows that I wear including my two roommates. It helps they work second shift and me graveyard. I do really like the way everything is laid out compared to some sites.
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