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Hi from Texas

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Hello everyone. I'm a life long bedwetter and DL. Getting more and more AB as I get older.
Welcome to the group. You'll find a lot of other Texans here. I'm one for starters. It would also be nice if you added some details about yourself. It will help you find more like mind people besides the whole diaper thing. You know hobbies, talents, and outside interests. Trust me when I say we're here to help and support you. We're very open minded here and accept you as you are. Also if you need anyone to talk to my pm always open.
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Thanks. I plan to add more to my profile in the morning. I set it up using Tapatalk on my phone, don't think its giving me full access to profile options.
Welcome from SE Okla (originally) and now from NW ARkansas (retired) Tenere! I will take a closer look at your profile and is TapTalk difficult? I havent really looked into it, but would like to know about it from users.
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