Hi! From me and Daddy!


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Hey Everyone!

My name is Amy I'm 19 but my little age is between 2 and 3. I am a little and a dl, so I use diapers all the time but I only regress when I can. My caregiver or my daddy as I call him has helped me through it all which is amazing considering we live almost 20 hours apart. We also are not a couple like most cgs and littles. My daddy is more my best friend and he is here for me when I am little and when I am big. Both of us have our own partners but we never fail to make time for eachother. We met online not knowing that either was into the abdl. Fortunately we got close enough where daddy told me about his time as a dl and we went from there. I am new to the abdl world and he has helped me through a lot today I had my first accident because I forgot a diaper and he was so proud of me. I truly feel loved by my daddy and I know that he will never leave me. He is actually the one who gave me the link to this site. He has been the best part of my year. I would like to meet some fellow littles to have friends and answer questions as I'm still new to this stuff.