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Hi Everyone!

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Hello, I'm Cam

I'm a longtime lurker and figured that my birthday would be a great time to introduce myself. I am looking to be friends with the those who have the same fascination as myself.

I consider myself to be AB/DL and am in college. My other interests are: reading, bicycle riding, coin/ currency collecting and playing with my dogs. I also like watching TV: Under the Dome, Survivor, Good Eats and when I'm feeling little, Dino Dan.

I'm here to learn more about my fascination and to figure out why I'm interested in this. I don't know a lot about this "hobby"- ( I wore my first diaper last night to celebrate my birthday), but I know that I'm interested.

That should be everything about me, anything I should know about you?

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Hello there Camarillo!

Welcome to ADISC. It's good to see you 'delurking', we do welcome you to participate in the discussions. That way you may learn a thing or two about your fascination. Don't worry, I too wanted to know more when I first joined the site.

Nice to hear that you have a coin/currency collection. I collect currency notes too, but coins aren't my thing:( Well, there is one thing you should know about ADISC, and that is that no matter your problem, there is always someone here to lend you a listening ear, be it through the forums, the blogs or through PMs to our senior members. Ask and you shall receive.

Wish you all the best for your diapered journey, and a happy belated birthday!

Once again, ADISC welcomes you!
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