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Hi everyone!

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Hi everyone my name is SparklyTwighlight because I like sparkles and Twilight from my little pony who is actually called TwilightSparkles hehe.

My 'little' age is 8 and I love being a 'tween'! I joined here to talk with others about cool stuff and maybe make some new friends too.

I got a husband and a cat. My husband isn't my daddy but he is my BFF and the cat is too. Also I got my own pink girlie room and I have a horse duvet cover and a big box of legos. I really love legos.

I also love pop stars like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Little Mix. And also I like to read dork diary books.

My favourite colour is pink and my favourite food is chicken nuggets or maybe pizza but not cheese pizza because I think that is really boring.

So hi everyone! :)
Hello SparklyTwighlight and welcome to the group.

Very nice introduction.

Hi and welcome. So what's a diary book? I probably should know this.
Hi Egor and dogboy! Egor I super love your picture of the kitty cat is that your cat? I love cats! Also dogboy Dork Diaries are super amazing books that are like diaries about middle school girl Nikki Maxwell. It is all about her and her BFFs in school and her crush Brandon but there is also super mean Mckenzie Hollister. They are really fun to read! www.dorkdiaries.co.uk is the official site. :)

Yes she is. Her name is Little sweety sweetheart. She is my therapy cat.
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