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Hi every baby !! :3

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Hi everyone, I have been an abdl for quite awhile now, more so an ab because for me at least wearing and using diapers for there intended purpose is more babyish to me. I wore diapers on and off from age 10 till 14. I am the oldest sibling and I remember my youngest sister in diapers and the desire to wear them grew from there even that I wore the good goodnites from the earlier 2000's to bed. Other then being an AB I like to be outside a lot when I can, am a brony. So hewo everypony /) and everybody :)
Hello pamperedyellow1 and welcome to the group.

Hi and welcome. I suspect a lot of us started at an early age. I knew I wanted to be back into diapers by the age of 4 and I started acting on it by the age of 6. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site and get what you want out of it.
Thank you and would you know dogboy how to put a profile pic up ? I'm on my phone using the site.
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