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hi dare, babyfur here

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im new here.im lookin to get a aio cloth dependeco diaper but is there any cloth diaper that is simular looks? i hope to beable to wear it over my fursuit for innocent photos, and use it only for wets.
Welcome to the community, babyfoxpup.
hai dere. nice to see a fellow fur :D I'm not to sure about cloth diapys though, I wear disposables but I could see the draw for fursuiting ^_^
fankyoo for the welcomes. im lookin curently for a cloth diapee. like a dependeco all in one.
Ooo =o That's supposed to be a really good diaper! ^^ Welcome to ADISC, from a fellow Snivy!
Hello and welcome! Dependeco does have some really nice diapers.
He's not coming back sadly. He only joined to get an answer...
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