hi all

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hi all
sorta new to this ab thing been a dl for a good 6 months now and thought it was getting it was getting bad that i wanted a pacifier. so did some research and found this site. must say it is nice to have a community full of helpful caring people defonly helped bring out my ab side. now got a couple of bottles on order. a pacifier and tempted to buy a nuk 5 any recommendations for some ab stuff or sites would be appreciated
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I recommend that you shop around. As there are lots to choose from.

Hope you sucking meany hours of stress free sucking.

Welcome. I hope you find what you are looking for here.

As far as pacifiers go, I have only seen 2 at a reasonable price. One was a bulk deal at Rearz, which appears to be gone (was 6 for like $50, now 6 for $100, but considering they might otherwise be around $30 apiece, make of that what you will)
Awwsocute has them for $12.95 on their website, and I have seen them on Amazon as well.
Also just for Diapers, gotta recommend ABU. Their products are good and their customer service is even better. Worth the price in my opinion.
Good luck!
Hiya :p
Well hello there and welcome to the abdl world.

As to your qwestion I have two sites that come to mind that are not to terribly expensive awwsocute.com and babypants.com. I think they have a balanced variety between the two websites.
Thanks all for making me so welcome and some greate recommendations ragequit the cheepest I found in the UK is in the $16 range £11.50 reluctant to buy a bulk pack just in case I don't like them but £11.50 defo worth it
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