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Hi all!

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  1. Diaper Lover
Hi everybody!

This short message to introduce myself. I am french, and like everybody here, I like diapers since always.

I m glad to be here and to meet new people on this site.
I've been extremely lucky in my life. When I was 12, I told my mom that I love diapers, and wanted to be in diapers again. She has been smart and comprehensive enough to consider this not as a huge problem. She realised that I was really sincere about the diapers, and proposed me to go and buy diapers together. I accepeted, even if I was really ashamed to go to the shop for this. Once we were back home, I cried of joy, and hugged her for a very long moment. She gave me the diapers, and I ran to room. I'll never forget the feelings and the sensations when I put my 1st diaper. 10 minutes later she came to my room, and asked if everything was ok. I answered yes, but she noticed that the diaper was not correctly put. She layed me on the bed, and changed me.
I was thinking that wearing diapers was heaven, but having your mom putting diapers to you is higher than the best pleasure ever. My mom still provides me this pleasure now.

I hope that you all are lucky to know the most satisfying pleasure you can imagine.

I hope that some of you are as lucky as I can be.
Hello winklemummy and welcome to the group.

Hi, that's sounds like an amazing experience you have had. Welcome.
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