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Hi All

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Thought I better introduce myself.

Been into diapers for as long as I can remember. Family/life/relationship tends to get in between myself and enjoying being in a diaper. Am mid 20's, always busy with work, love the outdoors and particularly kayaking (hence the name) Camping, hiking etc. Am just a DL, enjoy the comfort but not really into any ageplay or anything.

Really enjoy cloth, the thick secure feeling is amazing. Giving some disposables a try as soon as they arrive.

This is a great forum and look forward to contributing.
Welcome PaddedPaddler! We're glad you're here. I've done a little kayaking but unfortunately, there isn't much water near me. I have done a lot of camping though.

"Just" a DL? Nothing wrong with that! lol Have fun here!
Thanks so much for the warm welcome!
Yes, welcome to the site! I have found this to be the best site for talking to people as well as some great posts/information/topcics/etc.... So what do you do for work?
Hiya Baby Jacob yes there's heaps of great info here! I manage a retail store :)
Awesome, is it an ABDL retail store?! No, just kidding... That would be quite the store though. What type of store is it? Something sporty? Seems like you are the outdoor type which I related to quite well.
Hey hey sorry for the slow reply. Yes my shop is definitely in the outdoor industry, good guess ;) I used to have a very stressful office job which I have solved with what I do now. Love going to work and my life and health is so much better now :)
Hello! it's great to see a new NZer, there isn't many of us around on these types of forums.
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