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hi all!

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i have a brief description in my profile --

just wanted to say 'hello!' to everyone and introduce myself to the forums formally.

i'm pretty low-key. i'm 24, i work full-time in retail management, and i live with my significant other with whom i've been with for nearly 3 years.

to give a quick run-down of my passion for diapers, it stems back to when i was around 10 or 11. i just remember being fascinated with the idea of them being on. the feel of them on my skin and the security of them wrapped around my waist. i also really dig the smell of fresh diapers!

just recently, the diaper idea popped back into my psyche as it was lost for quite a few years. sharing a home with someone who doesn't know you want to explore DL is not exactly the easiest to pull off. i'm not one for hiding things anyway, although everyone must keep *some* secrets as long as they are not harmful to anyone or themselves, right?

i most recently had an AMAZING dream in which i was diapered in for quite some time. i remembered it so vividly and was brave enough to tell my boyfriend about it.

his response:
"um, ew." with a smile.

i would LOVE to just be able to bring this out to the open and explore it more, but i'm afraid my boyfriend would ridicule me.


anyone else in the same boat?



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Welcome to the site :)

That's a long time for this to be essentially dormant. I don't recall seeing many people in a similar situation. However, almost everyone here is interested in diapers now, so you're in pretty good company for that part. I guess time will tell if it's an important enough thing for you that you need to bring it up with your boyfriend. In the meantime, have fun getting to know the place and speak up when you have something to say.
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