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Hi All

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Hi everyone,

I'm Robbie and new here. I was looking for info on footed pjs and stumbled upon this site. I knew there was a lot out there for DL's but this forum seems great! I am in grad school studying english and have been interested in this stuff as long as I can remember.

I've been looking for a place to learn new things and experience more. I am lucky that my GF accepts it and actually will occasionally wear herself, but she likes being more the mommy role.

While this is an aspect of our life, we like doing other things, outdoor things; we love nature! We also enjoy cooking and eating, and have a great social life.

I'm looking forward to meeting other people with the same hobbies, and get some support in a world that doesn't seem to embrace anything out of the norm.

Again, just wanted to say hello!

Welcome to ADISC!

We have a group for foodies if your interested.

I great to hear about people who have SO's that are willing to participate or at least are ok with our little 'habits'.
That's awesome! I of course want to belong to a group of foodies!
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