Hi all, wanted to introduce myself.


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Hi guys, girls and everything in between.
My name is Jeroen, not Silvia. But I just love the name Silvia and identify myself as such when I'm "girly".
So my main thing at first was lady's underwear; bra, stockings, panty and stuff like that. Later I fell in love with diapers and finally got the nerve to buy a pack.
Lol; tried them out and got some sort of diaper rash :)
Cleaning is the main thing I presume, but without my wife knowing about the diapers (she knows a bit about the underwear, doesn't "really" mind when we have some action) I have to do it secretly, late in the evening. So; a shower is out of the question and it's just a load of wet wipes.......
But I pee in the thing and masturbate (not pooping, stinks) and that last stuff is hard to clean and runs everywhere.

Anyway; busy with it now, when wife is asleep, I just jump into my diaper and have a go again ;)
Ow, introduction; Jeroen as I said, 45yo, the Netherlands near Amsterdam, wife, two kids and loving "putting on other stuff than normally accepted" for as long as I can remember.
Believe it or not; when I was about 2 or 3 (I really don't remember that well of course) there was a panty, a bit weird thing, that went over my diaper. I used to put it on even when I had no need for a diaper. Strange, but that is still in my mind.
When I was about ten years old, my aunt dropped a bag of clothing to give to a good cause. I had to look in it for female clothing; a bra, panty's? Found some stockings and immediately put it on, I just HAD to.

When I put that stuff on; I just have to masturbate. When that is done; ALL love for it is gone, I just have to get rid of it. Strange, isn't it?
In the picture; I was in a hotelroom for work a few years back and besides the things I already had, I bought a dress. First time I ever wore over clothing.

Are there more people from the Netherlands over here? Not that it really matters, but could be fun for setting up some sort of "event"?



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Hello Silvia and welcome to the group.

Very informative Introduction.



Come say hello to Papa Bear!
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Sound like you got it good! Welcome to the happy place!


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...When I put that stuff on; I just have to masturbate. When that is done; ALL love for it is gone, I just have to get rid of it. Strange, isn't it?
Not strange at all, in fact it's very common and there are several discussions about it here. Main term is "binge and purge cycle", and I've done it twice... first time I threw away about $75 worth of diapers; second time I threw away $300 worth of diapers and some onesies.

Welcome to ADISC!!! 💫

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