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Hi all, New here.

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Hi everyone. I'm new here and kind of on the shy side.
The more time you spend on here, the more people you get to know, and relate to. It will knock you right out of your sky shell, Did it to me. Anyways welcome to ADISC! Best of luck to ya!
Hello and welcome to adisc been here only a week and I love the people are pretty awesome and very helpful as HushedSnow said you will break out of the shy barrier in no time at all ^_^
Hi Marvel22.
That is a cute marvel character.
Welcome to ADISC.
Hi everyone. I'm new here and kind of on the shy side.

Hello there Marvel22. I can understand why you are somewhat shy as you said. Do not worry about being judged here. Please by all means feel comfortable talking about things related to diapers as well as anything else that you're alright with talking about. I myself was into diapers since I was 16 because it was the only way for me to relax for the longest time. It was not until about a year ago that I became incontinent and started needing diapers for medical reasons. I am mentioning this to show you that you are not alone which I remember what a relief it was to realize that. As long a something (in this case wearing diapers) makes you happy by all means please do not feel ashamed or embarrassed about it.

Please by all means tell us more about yourself. From what I can see on your profile you are into comic books correct? I am into reading about super-hero's myself. Obviously considering your avatar you like Captain America. Is that your favorite comic book hero or is it someone else? I take it you also like all the other Marvel Super Hero's as well like Iron-man, Thor, the whole avengers team and of course their respective movies correct? Are you into any other hobbies as well? Also welcome to ADISC! :smile1:
hello and welcome. you will find people easy to talk to, so try not to be so shy. You will find most people will be willing to help you.
Hi everyone. I'm new here and kind of on the shy side.

I have been always very shy, but in the last few weeks I am a little bit more courageous and was able to make some comments and posts here. This is a very nice place and people are very supportive, so I hope you will find the opportunity to express your feelings.
Welcome and don't worry about being shy. I am new here myself and on the shy side as well. I think this is nice place to be.
Hey and welcome. Go for it Marvel it's quite a lot of fun ... and some sound advice too. Nothing to be shy about here.
Hi...I'm new too. Nice to meet you.
Hello, Captain Ameribaby. I'm new here too.
Hello, Captain Ameribaby. I'm new here too.

Well come and hope you find the place as comfortable as I am finding out as I learn as well:smile:
Thanks, one and all.
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Hi everyone. I'm new here and kind of on the shy side.

So am i, but it is a nice site, you'll come out of your shell more. BTW nice Avatar!

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I mean it I really like captain America and the marvel universe.
Same happened to me when I first came here, seems so long ago, even though high school was just two years ago lol

I was shy like you once, but then I took an ADISC to the knee :P

Tell us some stuff about you xD
Favorite food? What do you do in your spare time? How'd you stumble upon our sanctuary?
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