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Hi :3

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Hi! I'm pamperedgirl. I'm a young woman from the UK who has been involved in this fetish for a number of years and who still absolutely loves it. I'm currently snuggled up in a (wet!) Cuddlz nappy, plastic pants (for security) and my amazing new pink onesie. It's my first time diapered up for several months and I genuinely forgot how comforting it is. I know I'm in for a super snuggly night tonight!

Hope to make new friends here. :)

Welcome to Pampered Girl in the UK. Reminds me of a 'wet' (enuretic) girlfriend in college. Her attire back then was cloth diaper / nappy and real rubber pants with her footed sleeper to cover...thick, warm, waterproof and oh so cuddly! Well protected for the long winter nights.
Welcome to you from a Scandinavian foxie :3 (Guess we're kiiinda neighbours then)
I hope you'll have an awesome time amongst us. ^^
Hi pampered girl welcome to the site, always good to see more people from this side of the pond :)
It is always good to see anyone who is genuinely interested in the many facets of ADISC. Welcome to our little domain, and please feel free to ask questions about things, even if you
do understand those things. You never know, you may find something useful in the replies!
Hi pamperedgirl! Another warm welcome from a UK member. Whereabouts in the UK are you from? Looking forward to getting to know more about you. :smile:
Hello there and welcome from a fellow UK member! This site is great and I have met some lovely people here. I hope you enjoy it :)
Welcome to Adisc! I second what Mr Happy69 sed - what's your UK location? I don't mean to pry, you don't have to answer if you don't want to...though being slightly vague never killed anyone so your county cood be divuldged (if that's the rite word...prob's isn't!), I promise you I'll state my true true home county/town if you do the same! Welcome again to Adisc - it really is a fantastic supportive and understanding site - I'll let you explore more now! bringmesunshine
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