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I'm Cara, and as you can tell, new to this community. I had been a member here before, but just for at most a couple days before the site had changed its policy to 18+. I had just been introduced to the AB/DL life (well TB at the time) when I joined the site, and only explored it for a short time afterwards. That doesn't mean I'm not interested, however, I just was unable to be a little anywhere other than my head, and so it kind of got pushed to the back of my mind.

My other interests include: winter sports, crafts, baking, reading, origami, calligraphy, and occasionally, drawing.

I hope you all will welcome me and help me to learn and to become more comfortable with diapers and regression. *Waves*
Hello CaraBeaar and welcome to the group.
Wow - calligraphy!

I can't do it myself but I always liked how it turns out when someone does it right.

Welcome to ADISC!
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