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Hiya, most people call me Sammy, I've always been into diapers and feeling little since I was a kid but only recently been able to actually enjoy it comfortably in my home. I'm a very competitive gamer boy who also loves tech and studying the new upcoming programs. I'm very big into the art scene, am a big dork who loves anime and cartoons, as well as many of the popular shows on Netflix. Am also a big Riot games fanboy >< I don't play many of their games anymore but still love the world of Runeterra and their stories! I'm looking for friends and advice on how to grow my hobby of being a little as I started enjoying diapers more and have very little knowledge on many aspects of being a little.
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Welcome and enjoy
Welcome to the community!
There are many posts on gaming so search around a bit to see what people like to play? The same goes with the ABDL threads.
Have fun! 😸
Welcome Sammy!!!
Hello and welcome!
Hello and welcome Sammy.🙂
Hello and welcome.