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hey everyone. Im known as Red, and im just getting into wearing. so good so far :)

Hi red and welcome to the site. Normally we tell a little more about ourselves so that we get to know you better. We are a community here, and share more than just diapers. As you can see from the variety of posts, we talk about almost everything under the sun. Do you have hobbies, or enjoy outdoor activities? Are you into music or sports?

I'm a professional musician and an educator. I've written and published a short story to Nook Books, and I'm close to completing my novel. I've played in a prominent rock band for 15 years, and have played for crowds as large as 20,000. I'm a classically trained keyboardist, organ and piano, and now enjoy my Triton keyboard. For outdoor activities I get out on my Trek hybrid and ride our trails. So what turns you on?
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