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Hey all!
Im new to ADIS.org and im more of a tb/dl but to be 100% honest im still asking myself if i really am, so i guess ill just say that im MOSTLY tb and slightly dl
About me:
I constantly play gw and look up stuff to do with TB/DL and i think that itd be really fun roleplaying as a baby or 3 year old...as long as it involves diapers :laugh:
i can vividly remember the smell of a wet diaper aswell even though i havent worn any after i was potty trained...but boy do i like it! lol
i can be really serious at times and people say i act like an adult and serious and stuff but i like it....its a way to hide my wants and fantasies bout infintilism XD
as i said, i havnt worn a diaper since i was potty trained which i was at the normal age, so i havnt had much experience in diapers and i really really want to buy some but it wont work in my situation at the moment, ill just wait for a while until i have the best excuse for going out to somewhere like the mall or something ^^
anyway, this must be a really long intro post so ill leave it at that, though if anyone wants to ask questions, go ahead ^^
:eek: It's ADISC. Not ADIS. :p

Welcome to the site.
At least it wasn't AIDS.org! Then I'd really start to worry why I'm on this site! :p

Anyways, welcome to ADISC.org. It's good to see a few Kiwi's around. It makes it feel more like my work. >_<

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Nice introduction...but you qeustion being a DL and you talk about how you love diapers soo much haha.

Anyways welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

Please feel free to post anytime you'd like and to ask any qeustions, advice, or support you might need.


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Welcome to adisc, Nameonetwothree!
...I suppose it is a step above just adding 123 to the name...XD

And does gw mean Guild Wars? owo
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