Hey there my dear fellows!

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Hey there my dear fellows!
I've read threads in this forum for several years now, but never posted here until now.
Please be thoughtful with me because I'm not a native english speaker.
I'm a hypersensitive highly intelligent guy studying Master of Education for Mathematics and Physics in Germany.
Hypersensitive means that I'm not easily coping with less sensitive people. I'm suffering from a more intensive perception than most people have and it's hard for me keeping personal distance. Thus I tend to be an emotional affective person which is not easily tolerated by others. I'm often using very direct speech talking openly coming directly to the point.
People are very distant and cold-harted in the place I'm living and I'm not able to persist this circumstances. I was locked away several times in mental hospital because of becoming insane from people, fearing their badness (I'm serious with that). So people locked me away because they fear my openly emotional way of life especially the way I'm tlking when I'm tending to become emotional. That's crazy, folks!
Doctors labeled me schizophrenic, but that's rubbish stemming from their blindness and heartlessness. In germany the mental hospital earn the highest per day payment for people with schizophrenic desease, so you easily get labeled like this because of financial interests.
I fighted for round about ten years to escape the vicious circle of beeing inprisoned and getting forced to take poisoning neuroleptic medicine from Frankenstein & Co.

I'm identifying myself with autonepiophilia, being a diaper lover since I was nine years old, trying to live as an Adult Child (AC) as my environment is tolerating it. Being an adult child is one way for me to manage our cruel society and to keep intersocial distance.
I'm looking forward for some nice friends over here.

May Jesus bless you and all your beloved ones my dear fellows.
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