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Hey now.

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  1. Diaper Lover
Been lurking for a while.

Will be somewhat of a lurker still?

LikeDipe likes Dipes.
LikeDipe has early memories of diapers and footed PJ's.
LikeDipe does not have much AB association, but did when a boy, curious and precocious.

LikeDipe is curious where this originates.
LikeDipe assumes from early touches and objectification of senses.

LikeDipe thinks a lot.
LikeDipe overanalyzes.

Not that IQ matters much, but what do you think the average IQ is on this site. I suspect it would be high.

LikeDipe is happy to be here now.
Zipperless thinks that was a cool intro.

Zip welcomes you to the site.

Zip hopes you become more than a lurker here as you have much to contribute.
Snivy likes you!

Snivy finds you awesome!

Snivy welcomes you to ADISC!

Snivy hopes you post around!

Snivy will see you soon!
*clears throat*


Seriously though, awesome intro, I love people that overanalyze stuff. Welcome to the site, I do hope you contribute when you see something that interests you. And as for average IQ on the site, I dunno. It seems like ABDL spans all sorts of different levels of education, class, background, and upbringing. People that self-select to participate in an Internet discussion forum may be slightly more tech savvy and higher IQ than the overall population average though. So, I don't know really, food for thought.
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