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Hey, I'm Daniel

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So I've wished to wear diapers for a long time, and tonite I got my first pair(sample pack) off of amazon. I'm excited and a bit nervous about wearing and wetting them, as I am a college student and live in a dorm(luckily no roommate). I'm here because Ive been brought here by Google a few times during the research and "too nervous to actually do something" phase. Other than wearing and wetting them though, I don't have any further interests with diapers. I am a full time undergraduate student, and I play League of Legends in my free time. Also, I am a ham radio operator and am part of my school club. I am here because I am looking for help on discreet and less expensive obtaining and disposal of diapers, as i really, really don't want anyone to know about this, and also tips on wearing them as well.
Hello Daniel and welcome to the group.
You! o.o

Welcome to ADISC, from a fellow Snivy! Woo! College! You are going to have alotta fun!

Just check out our diaper talk threads and look for/or start threads if you want help or advice!

Looking forward to seeing you around ADISC.
Years ago, when I was growing up you heard a lot about ham radio operators. Nowadays, I don't think I have heard the anything about ham radio (except in old movies) for years.

Good luck with your studies.
Good luck with your school, that's awesome what you do and I understand the interest, I'm sure you will find plenty of help on this website!

I also play LoL on the occasion, trying to get back in to it with the rank reset.
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