Hey guys need some help with shupping!

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Today I'm thinking of ordering something from depends because it's easy however my issue is, that I'm living with a housemate of mine that I've known since I was young she's much older than me and is helping to provide me with a place to stay while I'm starting my new work. Basically shes a family friend, She's typically not here throughout some days so, what I want to do is plan when it will arrive. Does anyone know how long it can take depends to ship to Australia? Also does anyone know exactly how discreet their 'discreet packaging' is?
Also does anyone have any tips with Australian postage that I should know before I order.
Basically I need them to arrive later in the week, the closer to a weekend the better, I also need them in discreet packaging, because I don't work frequently I can wait for the package.
Thanks for any advice guys.
i don't know about australia, but here in the us, i try to get everything shiped via fedex, then have it held at location, pick it up on my way to school (college). try looking at what services are around you.
You may be able have the seller "ship to arrive on" date range. Worth a shot.
There's lots of online places to get depends in Aus if that's what you want. Also lots of pharmacies and the supermarkets carry them. If it's Australia post, delivery depends on where you are...I'm rural so timing is sometimes difficult. In Aus now you can specify where you want your parcel to go to, so you can pick it up at a place that suits you. Or if there's one nearby, there are 24/7 parcel lockers. I've never ordered from depends themselves but most incontinence places package discretely.
Thanks for the replys, I'll shine some more light on the situation seeing as I have 'had a few'. I live in Taree Australia, It would be great if I could have it delivered to a parcel locker, and it would be nice if I could specify what time it arrives however I'm getting these as a free sample from depends, everything is done on one page on the net, so from whats on that one page, only the address is specified. I don't really think I have a choice as to where and when it goes.
I know I'm not allowed to post links so I'll just say that 'depends free samples' is an easy hyperlink to find on google.
Hope this sheads any light guys. Thanks for the help again.
When you get your emailed confirmation receipt, you can then respond to that email with your shipping request.
These shippers usually run on a dedicated route, keeping a schedule. Just like bus routes. With an exception for holidays, you can expect your package to arrive when the shipper is usually in the neighborhood within an 2 hour window.
Any sample from depends is still a really low performing product no matter how easy it is to aquire,wearing one any other brand will still beat ten depends.
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