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Hey All!!

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Hello everyone who is reading this,
just thought id drop off a quick introduction so everyone can know a little bit more about me before i go and start posting all over the place!!
I see my self as a very down to earth kind of relaxed guy i like to just take things as they come good or bad! I think (i'm sure there is someone who disagrees but can't win them all) that i am seen as a caring nice kind of guy who will always be there for people!
My pet peeve however is being late, for some reason even being like 10 minutes late will put me in a horrible mood aha
so yeah thats a little bit about my personality :)

I came to this site for the same reason im sure nearly everyone else did, for some strange reason i like wearing diapers! i have for as long as i can remeber and i probably will for the rest of my life thats just how it is and im cool with that :)

But enough of the diapers for now, my real intrests involve playing sport, especially Australian Rules Football, i love to read every now and then as well, and too unwind after work i enjoy just siting on the couch playing video games so i guess i enjoy a wide variety of things :D

The reason i joined this site was to just be around like minded people i suppose, as i have only just recently come to terms with who i am, it makes me wish i knew of this site years ago so that i could of gotten support earlier, but now i hope that by joining i can offer my two cents and maybe help someone in any little way!!

If you read this far down thanks for reading and i look forward to talking with people soon!!


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Welcome to ADISC! Also, great intro! I'm not personally much into traditional sports, but there are plenty here who are! Anyways, glad to have you here - I hope we can be a great support network and answer any questions you have.
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