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Hey all, I'm back

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So, after my computer went on the fritz from a virus a week ago, and I realized that I would have to re-install the OS, I decided to take a break from the world wide web and get a healthy dose of reality outside fixing up the house. Well, I started to miss you guys on here, and I was done fixing up the house (welll, for the time being-just have to wait for something else to break, lol) so, I went out and had to buy a pack of DVD as my little freaking SD card and USB drive was too small to hold all of the pics and movies and crap that I wanted to keep. So :metallicblue:, and yaddy yaddy yadda, I re-installed the OS and untill we tell Rogers to take the internet off hold I'm using the dreaded AOL crap the the comp came with.

So long story short, your all round neighbourhood nightmare is back on here.

It's nice to be back home.... :pir8:
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