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  1. Diaper Lover
Motorbreath here, just to post a little bit before leaving again. This school semester has been hardcore, so I'm doing everything in my power to have above-OK grades so I can go to my exchange program without any pending bussiness here.

I'm not going out as much as I did before and I'm keeping my distance from my computer and my XB 360, everything previously said has brought bad and stressing consequences, such as not working out lately, usually staying awake past midnight, arguing with my girlfriend and family way too often, etc.

Good thing is that this week is homework/tests free, so I can cool down a little bit, even better is that there's just 3 months left and I'm doing ok. I though I'm worrying way too much, so I decided to chill down and have more time for myself, so here I am. In the other hand, I've received a call from the German Embassy here in Baja, I'm going to a city named Hof, somewhere near Frankfurt, we even received the whole profile of the german guy that's coming here.

The point of this thread? None, really. Just advicing that my visits are going to become quite uncommon with time, but even still I'll be supporting ADISC as long as I can :) .
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