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Hewwo, I'm Kwisti~

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H-Hewwo... I'm Kwisti. I am a total techie, and I'm going to college for Applied Electronics and Computer Technology. I do electronics repair, and love everything to do with technology. I live in a rural area with lots of woods (I'm not saying where so you guys don't find me "creepy" :neener_neener: ) and I love the outdoors. I go kayaking and fishing pretty frequently. In the winter I go snowmobiling and I used to ski avidly. I've been very busy lately and haven't gone skiing in several years :sad:.

Anyways, I'm here because I'm a little girl. I love being babied and cottled and taken care of. I love my pacifiers and I love cuddling!! I have a security blanky that I keep with me whenever I can (really only in my room :frown: ) and a couple plushies! I do enjoy diapers but if I had to choose between being able to use diapers and having a caregiver that will love and play with me, I'd easily ditch the diapers.

As I said, I'm a techie, and have been working with computers and phones since I was about 10. The awesome movie Live Free or Die Hard got me into computers, what with all the fake awesome hacking. Ever since then I've been learning and learning. I started by learning HTML and making websites. Then I learned some BASIC, C/C++, and Java. I'm now in college for Applied Electronics and Computer Technology, it's very fun. As a hobby I run an electronics repair shop, mostly fixing cell phone screens. I don't wanna ramble on and on about myself so I'll leave it there hehehe.

I came here for some support I guess. I really want help in being able to deal with being a little (without a CG) living at home with her bio parents. I've seen some Tumblr posts with amazing links to things like online coloring books, and other things to make my room my little safe space.

Feel free to ask anything about me :p I'm new, so go easy...
ahh good old skiing, I haven't gone in a few years either... kayaking is also quite enjoyable, but I don't get much time to do that.

Anyways, welcome!
Hi and welcome. I'm envious of your outdoor life. My wife and I used to spend our summers in northern Ontario, but now she's too ill to travel, but the wild still calls to me. The closest I now come to it is riding my bike on our bike trail.

Welcome to ADISC, and that was an EXCELLENT introduction, one of the best. I can really feel your passion for electronics. Which, I might add, is refreshing to find a girl interested in this stuff. Usually it's us nerdy guys into computers and programming.

I hope we can be supportive of you. Living with parents and having this interest can really be tough. How much do they know? It can be helpful if they know a little bit about it, so you don't have to hide literally everything. As a girl, you are a little better off than us guys, in that it is more socially acceptable for girls to have a princess bedroom with plushies and other little girl stuff. We guys usually have to ditch that stuff by the time we are 8 - sadly.

Not me, though. I live on my own now and have Paw Patrol bedsheets, comforter and Chase and Marshall plushies!! Yay!!

Look forward to hearing more from you.
Howdy Kwisti. There's a few of us from rural areas. Good to see another join. It was always hard for me, since in the rural areas it's harder to see / meet with others. I've met many cool people & friends here on this site. Good luck with college.
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