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Hewwo Everyone !!


  1. Adult Baby
  2. Diaper Lover
  3. Sissy
  4. Little
  5. Incontinent
1. Introduction
To everyone that read this you guys can call me Myra. I'm a open minded person. I'm just graduate from university in Tourism Management.

2. Reason
I'm a little and a cancer survivor. So to cope with this disease I'm always in little space to help me go through hard time during the treatment and operations. We'll still have many treatment left.

3. Why Here ?
I'm want to find a new people and friend. So I'm stumble on this forum so that's is all.

Hopefully anyone read this we can be best friend no matter what religions, genders, ages and colours.
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Hi and welcome Myra.
I hope you feel the support that you need here. You can explore all the web and even the discord if you feel the need to talk in real time by text or even voice.
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Welcome and enjoy
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Welcome Myra.
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Welcome Myra.🙂
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Hi fellow Malaysian and welcome, and hope u have fun here. So in your little mode do u wear nappies as well?
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Welcome and be welcomed, dear Myra, to this magical World of ADISC!
A truly amazing place as near everyone here is likely wearing a diaper!
Keeping Posting or Starting Threads, and all the doors will soon be opened to you!
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