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Hewos everyones!

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Hi, my name is Alex! I just turned 18 a few months ago and wanted to join the site. Im so super excited to meet new people, make friends, and maybe a mommy/daddy. A little bit about me: i am a boy, i like to play video games, draw, and watch videos. Im about 5'2", im around 140lbs, skinny, brown curly hair, and blueish-green eyes. I cant wait to meet and make friends. 😊
Welcome! Hope to hear from you more! What are your hobbies? :)
aaronbabywolf said:
Welcome! Hope to hear from you more! What are your hobbies? :)

Welcome to the site Alexbabyboy. I think you'll find a lot of people on this site who enjoy playing video games. I've played a few but not in awhile. I spent six years of my life writing a novel while I was working two jobs, so all my free time went to writing. Anyway, I'll think you'll enjoy ADISC.
Welcome to the site Alex. What games are you currently playing?
Hi alex, welcome ! I am sure you'll find a lot of friends over here :eek: and if you ever have any question be sure we'll help you out, so video games ? That's awesome ! Do you have a favorite game or what kind of games you like to play :)?
which games are you into?
do you prefer a gameboy or gamegirl? :p
Im into fps, open world, and survival games. L4d2, gta v, and ark survival evolved are some i play.
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