Here's some nursery rhyme parodies I've done, centered around littles

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If you're a little like me, chances are you've seen or heard Mother Goose and her nursery rhymes at some point in your childhood. Well, I've written a couple parodies using us littles as the focal point...

This first one deals with what to expect when you go to an ABDL nursery, e.g. Mommy Madeline or Mama Melody:

A was an ABDL nursery, in which…
B bathed you
C cuddled you
D diapered you
E entertained you
F fed you
G giggled with you
H hugged you
I idolized you
J joked with you
K kissed you goodnight
L loved you
M made you feel at home
N nurtured you
O ogled at you
P played with you
Q quieted you down
R rocked you
S sang to you
T tickled you
U understood you
V vitalized you
W watched over you
And X, Y, Z and ampersand
Can’t imagine a stay as grand.

Another deals with day care life:

CHORUS: Sing a song of daycare days,
A bottle full of juice.
Eight and forty cookies
Baked with chocolate mousse.
When the snack was ready,
The tots began to sing:
Now ain’t this such a yummy dish
For the first week of the spring?

Miss Polly was by the cabinets,
Giving the sink a wiper.
Miss Jenny was in the corner,
Changing Ian’s diaper.
Miss Tina was by the window,
Letting in more light,
When down came a swarm of shield bugs
And gave her such a fright!


My daycare’s not like others,
That much, folks, is plain;
And some of you might laugh
If I had to explain:
For we’re what’s known as “littles”,
Not like your younger kind.
We’re just plain, ordinary adults——
With a little-kid frame of mind!


There were toys on every shelf
For every area planned,
With balls and blocks and plushies
From far across the land.
Music came from a Sonos
Hidden in the wall,
With a different artist every day
To virtually come to call.


And most days there was a field trip
Into our neighborhood:
Be it farm, amusement park,
Museum, beach or woods.
Last week we took one to the zoo—
Now, folks, here’s the rub.
A grizzly bear mistook Miss Polly’s lunch
For her missing cub!

(if you wanna hear more, you can sing it yourself)

So, what do you think? Real clever, no? :2thumbsup:

Daddy Zorro, eat your heart out!
Sounds good i like it
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