Here's an idea about potty training


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So I think it would be a great idea if one of the abdl companies preferably Tykables, to make a box for adult babies potty training. Something like what easy ups does. Wouldn't this be great! They can personalize the note to you. And they could put a couple of pairs of there absorbent underwear in there. What do think???
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It’s an interesting idea, but I doubt it will ever happen.

First, they would need to come up with an adult pull-on style product that works as well as Easy-Ups do. They have a double leak-guard system that protects against leaks better than some other products (I hear from some parents and grandparents that I know that Easy-Ups leak less often than Pull-Ups do) while still allowing the person who is training to feel wet by having less absorbency than pull-ups and therefore providing motivation to stay dry when this is possible.

The only way I can see a company doing this is to copy the design of Easy-Ups, scale them up to adult size, and pay significant royalties to Proctor and Gamble. This would certainly drive the price of the adult product up to a point where few people would be willing to buy it and it would not be profitable.
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I'm something similar to how they do it not a look. I was saying use there cloth absorbent underwear and it would be Tykables version potty training for adult babies.
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They would need to invent an adult pull-up first, which has been made abundantly clear not to expect that any time soon.
I'm thinking about like this you guys
Have one box for boys and another for girls. Have a couple of different pairs in each box. Then it would have a personalized note: "Dear so and so now your big enough for big boy pants. Here in this box you will find two of your very own big boy underwear. And also a chart to track your progress. No more diapers hurray!"
See what I mean?