Here comes Hurricane Ike...

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Matrix Blade

If I remember right chromos lived around beaumont, which got it hard any may not have power for another month. I'm okay no damage to me or my house and i finally have power. Both Orange and Beaumont were really hit hard, and it wlll be a while before life there is normal.


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So... how much were fuel prices in everyone's area affected by Ike?

Gas here jumped from $3.59 to $3.97 over the weekend... I've seen as high as $5.99. I have about 10 gas stations in my area... of them 7 were completely out of gas on Monday... 5 were still out Tuesday... and 3 are still out today. Gas at stations that have it is between $3.97 and $4.11 for regular unleaded.


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Matrix Blade & fastandfurious483, I am glad to see that both of you are ok!! This goes out to any of our members that were hit by Ike, glad to see you are ok & I hope that your friends & families are also ok!!

Chromos, once you get power & things get back to normal, I hope you read this & know you have members that were worried about your safety!!


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Ok, I'm alive and back! I have actually had power since Monday, but because of the power surges I wasn't able to turn on my comp til now. We were one of the lucky ones for sure... a lot of people in my town still don't have power.

So what have I been up to? God, where to start...

Ok, so first off, let me just say that not having power sucks! I have a bad habit of not being able to sleep without some sort of ambient noise; a fan preferrably, and I didn't get a wink of sleep without it. I am so happy I only had to put up with that for a few nights, I think I would have lost it otherwise. The storm itself wasn't too bad.. I didn't hear much, other than the constant shooshing of wind, and an ominous buzzing/howling sound sometime around 2 am... Tornado maybe? I looked outside but couldn't see anything but blackness, so I still don't know for sure... so the video I wanted to take didn't work out... couldn't see anything, so forget that...

The damage to our house was minimal, luckily.. we lost some shingles, and our well shed got distroyed by wind, I guess. Got a lot of water, but since we're one of the highest houses in our town, we didn't flood. Didn't even come close, but our pasture is still sopping wet, and the mosquitoes are freaking horrible... The storage room behind out house also got damaged. It lose its roof, so all of the tools and stuff we had in there is ruined. Insurance will pay for that, though. Other than that, all we got is extensive tree damage. There are so many limbs littering the yard that it will take a month to clean up, even with a tractor with a front end loader on it. Two big trees got uprooted, they will have to be chopped up first. And they don't have small roots either; 99% of all the uprooted trees I've seen arounf here have small roots, but the roots on these trees are the size of pythons. So a lot of wind, obvoiusly. Our Oak tree was untouched though, which is the only tree I really cared abotu anyway, as it was planted about the same day I was born, and is roughly the same age as me. I love that tree, I would have been sad to lose it.

My uncle and aunt on the otherhand, lost their home during this storm, their apartments were on the Kemah bay, and so got flooded and pounded by Ike. Things are in shambles to say the least, wait until I get my picures up. So they stayed here, along with my granparents and little cousins, until they found somewhere else to go since we had power. So I've been helping them out this week in moving and apartment relocation, which was hard, btw... My uncle has had recent back surgery, so he can't lift more than 0 pounds, so my aunt and I had to do all the heavy lifting... now my back hurts...

Anyway, they found an apartment, and after we move the couch in, they will be set. Finding the apartment was not easy, they could not get the same deal, and so had to pay more for a new place. FEMA is going to help; their old apartment was deemed unlivable but FEMA, so FEMA sent a check for $1700 to replace everything... yeah, that amount won't do that, but hey, at least it's something. The inspectors were an older couple, and were nicer and more helpful than I expected. They actually went out of their way to fix a problem they made regarding the apartment number, so I have to give them props for that. Specially since theire not in much of a better situation than anyone else- their from Indiana, have spent all of their money beign here, and litterally have nowhere to go, besides a hotel that charges $100 a night. The lady was actually in tears about it all when we ran into her again yesterday... but I don't wanna go into that, too complicated, and I'm trying to keep this short(but failing, it seems like...).

Everything is just so screwed up around here... places are starting to open at least, and the POD lines are getting shorter, but everything around Kemah smells like mold, everything is trashed and mangled. People are unset, I say more than one person, crying, at a lose of what to do, but at least people are helping each other out.

In addition to moving my aunt and uncles' apartment, I helped their neighbors move to. They were getting looted, had some stuff stolen, so they had to get their stuff into storage until they found somewhere else to go. So we loaded up a U-Haul. Very nice people to, it's a shame that my uncle and aunt is going to lose them as neighbors. All of those people in that complex are pretty awesone, actually. Everyone was doing something to help others out.

I got to try out MREs while I was there. We didn't bring anything to eat those first few days, so we hit one of the PODs and picked up some ice, water and MREs. We just kept what we needed, and gave out the rest of the stuff to people who needed them. A lot of people didn't have gas, or couldn't get any, so we made several more runs this week. The MREs actually aren't too bad... more or less like a tv dinner, except things have a different texture to them. It's really cool how they heat up with just water, it must be a potassium reaction or something... a word of warning though: MREs make you quite regular...

So all in all, we got lucky, and seeing and experiencing the crap I have seen the last week has really made me appreciate what I have more than ever. I've also learned not to unestimate the power of a small hurricane, although this thing was a bit of a freak of nature... There are still so many people without power, and I feel so bad for them- I can't even imagine what it is like... I got a taste of it, but to live like that for a long period of time is not something I wish on anyone, not want to experience... I really hope their lives are restored soon enough, and wish them the best. I probably left out a lot, but I'll to touch up on the things I missed.
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