Here a hypnosis file makes fear the toilet


18 months
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  1. Adult Baby
  2. Incontinent
Do you crave to forever be a cute and cuddly child, free of all the gross and boring responsibilities of an adult? Perhaps you desire to take your adorable training one step further and create an aversion to all of the gross and boring and uninteresting things that only uncomfortable adults do.
This file trains you to develop a fear of using the scary and complicated toilet, finding messing and wetting your safe and protective diaper much more pleasant and natural for an adorable baby like yourself. Understand that toilets are only for gross grownups and not cute diaper wearing babies, and become anxious and nervous whenever you have to even consider using one. Learn to feel confident and proud whenever you use your diaper like the happy little child that you have always preferred to be.
Ugh I sometimes wish I could be like this. Carefree and almost clueless of my diaper filling up.