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I am SOOOO stressed that I am literally bawling like a baby. I suffer from depression, PTSD,anxiety and bipolar disorder. I'm having family stress and issues. I just have nowhere to turn.😔
I feel so unloved and miserable.
I'm no stranger to depression and anxiety, so I know how much it sucks when all of that stuff is attacking you at once. I wish I could tell you I know how to get it under control completely but I still struggle to get ahold of myself when I'm in a state like that. Do you have any ways of coping when you feel like this? I know one of the reasons I tend to get very depressed is because I have no one to talk to about what's causing me to feel that way. Do you have someone you can talk to? Would you feel comfortable telling us about what's causing your stress? Just talking about the problem can be extremely therapeutic, and I'm sure everyone would be glad to hear about it.
What is going on? Do you have professional help to turn to? I'm happy to talk for as much as 8m able to get on here.
Sorry you have so much to struggle with all i can offer is a hug. :hugs: but really, if you can, you should share your issues with a professional. Ok so here's another hug :hugs:
Thanks everyone. Going to bed early with a double diaper and my paci.
teddybearbaby85 said:
Thanks everyone. Going to bed early with a double diaper and my paci.
That always works wonders for me :paci: Hope you feel better in the morning!
Sounds like you have a lot of things bothering you.
I guess you require a hug.
I get stressed out a lot too.
i hope you feel better, one thing that helps is a smoothie full of fruits and veggies and time outside at the park then coming home and playing untl bed to have a sippy cup and some rest

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Curl up with a good children's book or with a Disney movie. These may help you relax a bit so you can fall asleep faster.

Hope tomorrow is a brighter day!
It can be hard to remember, but this kinda things will blow over. Hard part is that it takes time!
Hang in there <3

Hang in there !
Few months ago i was working in stresful place. I was extremly stresed out.
And i have read a book by Anthony De Melo "awakening" and thats helped me alot. Any way best wishes !! You will overcome your problems.
Meditate, sit in a place you find safe, Play your favorite music with a low volume. get comfortable Focus on a snow capped mountain (in your mind) imagine walking down to the river running through it. Then on to the village at the end of the river and the people in the village who except and understand you. Stay as long as you need. There are meditations such as "shadowed stair" that will help you get back to the village when you close your eyes. But that is a for a different time. Hope you feel better.


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I don't know if it helps, but with my anxiety/depression, I found it hard to stop thinking/worrying about stuff. It was if my brain could never relax. One thing I realised, while laying in bed ruminating on my crappy life, was that it wouldn't make any difference if I run through all those thoughts while I'm in bed. All I have to do in bed is get to sleep. All my worries will be there the next morning, so I sort-of gave myself permission to just switch off my brain and concentrate on just relaxing my mind, thinking of nothing, relaxing every muscle in my body (thanks, diapers!) and getting some restful sleep.

I also found that my anxiety got worse if I was bored or unstimulated. Keeping busy gives your mind less time to get itself stuck in that rut. Even if it's just tidying the house or... replacing the broken tile in the bathroom... Even better if you can find a hobby which you can "lose yourself" in for a little while... maybe photography or creative writing, or learning new skills. There are so many tutorials on YouTube -- you can learn almost anything these days!

Eating healthily and regularly also made a big difference. And exercise is probably the biggest single thing that improves my mood. If you can get into running or cycling... even a brisk walk can work wonders.

I'm fairly withdrawn, but phoning a friend or relative for a chat often cheers me up and makes me feel connected to others. Just simple interactions with strangers has (to my surprise) helped too. Instead of being wrapped up in my own mind when I'm out in public, I try to make a point to smile or say "hello" to people I met. When cycling I try to be particularly courteous, and friendly. It's surprising how often people snap out of their own grumpy thoughts and suddenly turn into "real people" -- nice friendly ones!

Sorry -- that all sounds like a bit of a "braindump", but anxiety and depression, etc. are absolutely awful. I don't know if any of that helps, but good luck with it all.

(Oh, wow! I just saw how old this thread is! I guess I haven't been on ADISC much recently.)
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