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Well, I've gotten into wood carving, and I've moved from simple swords to figures. The thing is, I'm not good with drawing or depth with things I make up, so I am completly dependent on other peoples imagination, which is why I'm calling on people here.

Carving the figures started when one of my friends asked me if I could carve a statue for him. He knew I could carve, but had no idea if I could do anything like that. Well it turnes out I can, but only because of how he helped me. The statue he wanted was an angle from a video game, so he got me screen shots from the very front, back, and both sides.

This brings us to my final need. If I could get people to help me by drawing me something to carve, from the front and one side at least, I'll try to do it. I've had trouble with the internet because they always show angled views instead of streight forward and sidways. My limits are 2.5 inches thick and wide, but pritty much as long as you want it. Anything wider or thicker and I can't use my power tools to take the big pieces off and I'll have to do the whole thing by hand instead of just the details.

So ya, 2.5" by 2.5" by X" and a drawing of the front and one side at least. You don't have to buy it (although you can if you want), I just want ideas to work on.

Edit: These are some examples on what I need for drawings. This is what my friend asked me to carve, and what the blocks I have look like. I didn't draw every detail on the blocks because I'm going to be carving the pencil away anyway.


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