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I'm about a 25" waist, 105lbs. I was wondering if any variety (cruisers, baby dry, etc) of the size 6 of Huggies/Pampers or 4T/5T PullUps would fit without any modifications. If so, would would be the largest and/or have the best capacity? I love the look of real baby diapers, but the medium Cushies I have are just a little on the large side. Thanks!


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Welcome to ADISC, superstoke6! Don't forget to post an introduction in the Introductions forum!

You're on the little side, so you should have no trouble whatsoever putting on Pampers. They'll be a tad snug, but... wow... 25"?! Yeah... no trouble! As for capacity, don't expect to get more than one use out of them. They're tuned for babies, after all.

Since you're not sure what works for you, I'll recommend trying Pampers Baby Dry size 6. You can find it anywhere, it's cheap, and although it's not quite as stretchy as Cruisers, you probably won't need that. And in my experience, Baby Dry is a little more absorbent than Cruisers, too. If you end up liking the feel of the Baby Dry but find the absorbency insufficient, try to find Pampers Extra Protection size 6. That probably means going to a Target or Walmart, and means buying a box.

Avoid Cruisers unless you can get the size 7. A 7 in Cruisers is about the same size as a 6 in anything else, and a 6 in Cruisers is much smaller than the other 6's.

Although you might be one of the few here who could actually wear Pull-Ups without modding, I'd suggest waiting on those until you've seen how the Baby Dry fits. Huggies Pull-Ups and baby diapers are universally smaller than Pampers diapers, and are a good deal less stretchy. If you find that the Baby Dry works well and isn't too tight, then consider experimenting.

Lastly, GoodNites and UnderJams would obviously fit you very well--much better than they would fit the average 18-year-old, I expect!

Good luck, and keep us posted.
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