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So I'm gonna make an abdl Twitter account. Would I set my posts to public and the community would see them or would I have to create a circle? I don't use social media much at all so I'm pretty in the dark about it. Also I'm not in the mood to show my diapered booty and being ridiculed and bullied, but if that's part of having an account like that then so be it.
I'm not into Twitter myself and can't advise on how to limit the scope of your tweets or your exposure to bullying, but I do know that if your tweets are public anybody can see them, even if they aren't logged in or don't have a Twitter account.
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Twitter is pretty much open to anyone now. You can see your followers and then you can see the rest of twitter, who you aren't following. Twitter Circle is mainly friends or people you interact with, so it depends on how you want to go about setting it up. I've seen an abdl account there, so you might have an easy time finding those types of accounts.
Leave your account unlocked for a while, then follow a few ABDL accounts. Keep the content you post mild (in ABDL terms) until you build up a decent following. Once you've got a few followers - a couple of hundred or so and built up a good reputation - then lock it so you can get any potential new followers. There's no need to post pics of your body - stick with photos of ABDL things you like.
I don't personally use my Twitter for ABDL things. If you post ABDL things publicly, I don't think what I guess I'll call the general public seeing it, unless you get retweeted by someone or specifically try to.

As far as I know, Twitter Circle is for adding people close to you to make private tweets that can only been seen by those in the circle. That all being said, I don't use twitter much, so you could probably take a lot of this with a grain of salt.