Help me identify that diaper please

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I've just found a diaper someone gave me in the past and I want to find what model it is and if we can find them today anywhere, this looks like a standard plastic backed adult diaper but the closing system is quite different, it has two wings that goes over the belly area and close with a velcro, then you bring the front part that attach to this with 4 velcro integrated into the front of the diaper itself. Making it a neat system, I have two more pictures if needed but it seems the system doesn't allow me to post more than 2 in the same message.

The "belted" design is generally only found among "bariatric" nappies, which are intended for people who are extremely overweight. I can't say I recognise it offhand, but that should give you somewhere to start searching.
I got one like that in a sample pack from "Hdis". I can not remember who makes them but they do make them in size medium. Try ordering the 9.99 sampler.
It is similarly designed as the Tena Flex, but not sure who makes that one. I know Abena had a similar design as well. I like the Flex, nice, comfortable, and discreet. I have the "Super" which is not the best absorbancy, but add a booster and it holds several wettings. The "Maxi" has higher capacity. If you can't find the same as you have, check out the Tena and search for Abena's.
Looks like an old Abena "T" brief to me. I tried a sample and didn't like it at all. The tabs go around your waist first, then you pull it up between your legs and attach the two front tabs. The problem is when you wet the waist tabs get wet and you have to touch them to remove it.
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