Help me fix my Slate EEE Pressure Sensitivity and be rewarded!


Baby Kae says: HOI!
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Hey everyone! So, I have a Slate EEE touchscreen tablet 4gb RAM running Win7. It has pressure sensitivity. I know this because the dang pen input (so annoying!) recognizes it. ArtRage recognizes it.

However, my art program (Medibang) does not. I have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers. I have gone into the config file for Medibang and changed every 0 to a 1 and every false to true. Brush environment settings? Tried changing all of them.

So. Whoever figures this out for me will get a custom diaper tab/front illustration for use however they wish (as long as they don’t try to sell the design.) once the fix is applied and it works.

thanks everyone! 💖