Help me find a good training pants

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Hello my hips are 24.5" and my waist is 27" what training pants/ diapers do you think will fit me.
IME there are no good training pants, especially if you're looking at it from an AB perspective.
Since you haven't stipulated dispies versus cloth, I'll mention that I think the cloth training pants from Baby Pants are awesome. In dispies, though, I suspect your best bets are GoodNites, UnderJams, or any of the zillion or so bedwetting pull-ups. There aren't any AB/DL disposable training pants that I'm aware of.
The closest think I can think of as a AB/DL training pant would be the Always Discreet. The smallest size they make would probably work just fine for you. They dont have a large capacity so far as Urine is concerned but they do have good internal leg guards (or leak guards, if you prefer) and are pretty good at holding a single bowel movement for a period of time. As with any diaper/training pant, it is always best to change it as soon as you can, and be sure to clean yourself properly even it means taking a shower (assuming you are at home when you change it). Also, use of a good butt-paste is wise also, if you are going to be messing a lot.
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