Help finding NUK classic bottles

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What started out as casual shopping turned into a real ordeal... I want to buy a NUK classic bottle with this pattern:

4323a765-790b-4d6b-a877-ad25294b35a2 - Copy.jpg

Any cap color or attached teat is ok, the important part is the model+ design. I can't find it for sale anywhere -- even places that say they sell it have an "actual colors may vary" disclaimer, and/or are in Malaysia and don't ship to the US. Is it even possible to buy this bottle style new anymore?

My #2 pick is this, but I can't find any information about where its sold, or any information about it at all besides the NUK website.

Everything after that is comparatively readily-available. But I really, really want that first choice.
Looking at the reviews provided for the stars-design bottle, someone says it's ''exclusive at Target.'' Maybe have a look there if you have one nearby.
Jeez, that's annoying. Not really fond of exclusive merchandise, but I guess it's good for sales. I'll check and see if there's any at the local Targets.
Got a reply from Cuddlz, apparently that design isn't in production anymore... despair.
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