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  1. Diaper Lover
My first idea was to find somewhere to post what happened to me today when buying diapers and then i figured a community might be nice to chill out in c:
I'm a huge reader when i'm not doing the ad thing, I would say i'm quite normal c: There's not many things i could say so there ya have it.

My shopping day

Got up all positive 'only for second time' buying proper diapers that weren't either pull-ups or ones that were v-small (molicare small, I have a 30 inch waist)
:c My first journey was to dublin as i had thought stupidly that my pharmacy wouldn't sell them. So I was really happy but also really extremely worried i'd be spotted by the 100's of people i know and in dublin i had the mindset of ''sure no one knows me not even the shop people'' but in my very small town even in the shops i seem to recognise the clerks, so naturally nervous. I checked all of the pharmacies and we thankfully have a boots so i was in luck, the first time i went in i chickened out and walked around the shops for a while, which was a terrible idea because at the time there was a lady about the age of my mother serving and the shop was empty. Second time, bus,,busy,,, oh shit busy, new lady, no she's pretty ahhhhhhhh. I left and gathered my thoughts,water, library to kill the time, it was around lunchtime so it must've been some kinda drug store happy hour. Anyway, the third and successfull time was pretty much empty, i waited till it thinned out more, the whole time anxious as f##k, and also worried about the now three girls around my age serving, it was so simple when i planned it out lol, i even wrote a list so it would appear that i was buying for someone else, airtight. The girl that was there was getting someone's stuff so i was standing waiting for the GREAT BROWN BAG to put my mind at ease, and then an old lady came up beside me with the same ones i had and it was a huge relief (I was not alone i suppose) in the mean time another shop assistant came up, i paid and left, and that's the reason i'm going through amazon next time, phew. Thanks guys. p.s i got myself beer as an award for bravery c:
Hello conor131 and welcome to the group.
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