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I'm John and here to say Hello. I have been into diapers for a comfort and security purposes since I was about age 7. I wore on and off until the age of 35. In 2006 I was in a car accident that put me back in diapers full time. I am open about wearing for incontinence. My friends and family know that I'm in diapers but they don't know about my ABDL side.
I have explored the AB side a little but would like to find someone to explore it with me.
Besides that I have a professional life. I have started two businesses that are now ran by new owners. I have 2 girls and twin boys. They are all grown and on their own. Yes they also know I wear diapers.
I would love to find someone to share both my normal life and ABDL life. That seems to be difficult but still looking.
Hello Needghangded and welcome to the group.
Hi and welcome to the site. It's surprising how many members here are incontinent because of various sorts of injuries. The spine is sensitive. I've had mine operated on twice. The first operation left me unable to pee for about 6 weeks. I was really relieved when things finally kicked in. I would rather be incontinent than have to catheterize myself 4 times a day, which is what I had to do. Anyway, I hope your adjusting to your situation. It presents it's own set of problems.
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