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Hi All, I am Angela, I subscribed myself last year for this website, but due to various reasons, I didn't had the time to stay in touch, so therefore I would like to introduce myself again.

I am a 24 year old dutch male person in daily life. However, when I was a child, I always admired girls for having various kinds of clothes, like a dress or a skirt, which I couldn't wear because I was a boy. In puberty, these feelings became stronger and not only I would like to dress like a girl, I also would like to wear make-up. This feeling never left, but as life became bussier, I wanted to be young again. Being a baby is wonderful, because you don't have any concerns.

I would love to be treatend as a baby girl. However, I still have a masculine appearance. I don't shave my body hair and I don't wear diapers yet. I want to but I don't dare it yet. One of the reasons is that I still live with my parents. Sometimes when I am alone, I wear some women clothes I've bought. I have two bikini's, one swimsuit, tights and a couple of dresses, incluiding a sexy snow white dress.

I study a master in automotive in daily live and it consumes a lot of time, but I hope to finish it within one-and-a-half year. Maybe I will continue for PHD, but I don't know yet. I have large interest in formula 1. I like to play the piano, I can play various kind of music, like classic, but I also like to play rock. For sporting I like to swim and cycling.

I would like to find people who have the same or similar feelings as I have and I hope people can help me to discover a new world for me.

Hello/welcome back Angela.

I seem to remember your last introduction.

This is a very nice and informative introduction.

Again welcome back to the group.

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