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  1. Adult Baby
I just wanted to stop in here and say hello.

I tend to just get great info from all of you her.

I just recently found out I have a little side when I was going to Madtown kinkfest a couple of years ago. i had tickets already, had a heart attack just before the event so I couldn't do bondage so I thought what the heck I check out the little's room. I ended up having a great time with everyone. I been to all the CAPCONs, except the very fist one. So hopefully I have meet many of you there, if not you need to go for all the fun.

Not sure were I am yep, but surprised myself that I ended up being an ageplayer and DL. I am on FETLive as Brianna_F.

Keep up the good work,
Welcome Briana! We're so glad yo found us. Your info says you joined in 2012? Anyway, that's good you discovered your little side. Do you have a particular age you associate with? What else do you like to do in your free time besides being little?
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