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Hello everyone
I'm new here but definitely not new to the diaper scene I have been wearing on and off since middle school (I'm not 27) I mostly wear for fun no real desire to be treated like a baby but boy do I love the feeling of a fresh diaper :). A little about me I work ems and am looking for a better job I do volunteer at my local fire dept. I love to write paint workout I have a amazing girl friend who not only accepts me for wanting to wear diapers but has also bought me some and has even gone as far as to buy some (more comfortable for her then what I like) of her own and wear them with me (she looks amazing in them). Not sure what else to add other then I hope to meet new ppl maybe get some tips and tricks. ;)
Ok everyone
Have a great day
Welcome matt520! We're glad you're here! That was a great intro. It's always nice when a SO is accepting, let alone when she wears! We have a good community here so if you have any questions, just ask!
Howdy and welcome to the group. I'm a volunteer at my local fire-department as well. Thanks for the work you do at that, and at EMS. It's ruff work.
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