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well hello everyone this is my first time on this site as a member however me and my girlfriend have been doing exstensive research on this site more her then me due to the fact that I have had a liking for diapers since I was younger. I am now older with kids of my own and still wear diapers every so often, I am extremely blessed and lucky to have found a women who not only accepts me wearing them but has also gone as far as doing research on her own and even wearing a few time ( which drive me crazy (in a good way ))
im sure ill explain who I am more as I get on this site more but for now I just figured id say hi and a little about me,
hope to get to talk to people soon
Hello Matt, and welcome to ADISC.

To help us get to know you better, could you tell us about some of the things you enjoy outside of diapers?
Hello Matt,
What some other hobbies and interests you have?
I like a lot of thing fitness is a big one photography poetry basketball I'm a volunteer fireman as well
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