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So I signed up, willing to be open to most people. Not that I'm here I can say that now I'm pushing 40... it's been a wild ride. I actually do have incontinence issues, but have liked diapers since I was about 5. My wife loves me and even participates sometimes. I am interested in the furry scene and have had boyfriends and Girlfriends in the past also interested but... well.. I just feel alone right now and need people to talk to about this side of me that aren't related to me.

I'm a network Security Engineer. I'm a musician and a photographer. Only idiots think they can sum themselves up in a paragraph or two. I would need a novel or two at this point in my life. I'm also a practicing druid so if you need advice I'm here for you, good or bad.

I also tend to be a sissy. (My wife did my nails for me yesterday, yay!) and well... if there's a Furry, Diaper, Baby, fetish or psych related thing out there I'm probably at the very least supportive and curious.

Well, to be honest with myself and this introduction to whomever will actually read it... I am me. That's really all of us can ever truthfully say. I'm here to understand myself and others like or similar to me... Trust me I've known worse.
Welcome Kittani! No need to feel alone here - You're amongst like mind people. We help each other any way we can. Like you, we have a wide variety of interests. You're lucky to have an understanding wife - that's a rarity. I see you have already been posting in the threads and greeted another newbie - both are very important here. Thank you!

40 - try 50. ;)

Kittani said:
Only idiots think they can sum themselves up in a paragraph or two. I would need a novel or two at this point in my life.

Howdy and welcome to the site. LOL, that's so true. And every few years our interests might change some. We might find a new passion and push away another hobby.

Hope on into the forums. We're a friendly bunch. It's always nice to have new people to join in on the conversations.
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